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Rocksmith No Cable Launcher ##TOP##

Thanks for posting this. I am looking into using this now that I am dusting off my old Rocksmith license on Steam after a 4 year break. I have since acquired an Axe Fx III and I am trying to figure out how to use this unit with my PC without having to use the official Rocksmith USB cable (I already have the cable but want to give it to my brother if I don't need it anymore).

rocksmith no cable launcher

So I downloaded the no cable patch. Ran it, used it to launch the game still got the error about exclusivity. Disabled all other recording inputs. that fixed that but the game still says the cable isn't plugged in and I can't tune my guitar or anything in the game. what am I missing?

And when it finally did recognize the cable, it would randomly disconnect and stop working that that USB port. The only way I found around it was to switch the Real Tone Cable to another USB port and hope for the best.

Real Tone cables are quite simple, and they are not much different from a regular guitar cable. While a regular guitar cable has a standard inch jack for both output and input, a Real Tone Cable has a standard inch jack on one side and a USB cable on another side.

One of the main issues with the Real Tone Cable is its price. Real Tone Cables cost around $30 or higher, and are too expensive for how simple they are. It is possible to get a better quality cable at a lower price.

The easiest way to play Rocksmith without a Real Tone cable is just to get another guitar to a USB cable. Real Tone cable is marketed as a unique cable that is irreplaceable, but there are some viable aftermarket solutions.

Using an audio interface to play Rocksmith is another great way to replace your Real Tone cable. Additionally, an audio interface has the benefit of being able to be used for its primary purpose, which is recording, too. 350c69d7ab


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