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Denver: Clason Map Co., [1921]. 31,[1]pp. plus folding map, 20.75 x 27.75 inches. Original printed card covers, stapled. Light wear to covers. Text lightly toned, internally clean. Very good. Item #1097 "New Census Edition." Travel guide for North Dakota, providing brief history and overview for immigrants and travelers, as well as state and city maps, auto routes and distances, and railroads. There is also a commercial index of towns with hotels, industries, altitudes, and population details. The large folding map shows the state, criss-crossed by roads with counties outlined, and there is a single-page map of Fargo. We locate six copies in OCLC -- four of them in North Dakota libraries, as well as a copy in Germany, and one at Yale.


Enabling patient referral to the Navajo Nation Community Health Representative Program. Providers are asked to refer patients at increased risk of chronic disease complications. The provider discusses enrollment with the patient and if the patient agrees, complete a referral to the CHR program, either through the IHS electronic health record or using a standard IHS paper referral form. CHRs may also refer clients identified through home visits, and clients may self-refer (or be referred by their family members) to the program (Table 1). Because CHRs provide services exclusively to individuals living on the reservation, patients enrolled in the program typically face significant geographic barriers to access healthcare and healthy food, and limited infrastructure such as utilities and paved roads [Table 1].

1097 New Loudon Rd, Cohoes NY, 12047 Phone: 518-783-1210 Fax: 518-220-2027 Mon-Fri: 9a.m.-6p.m. Sat: 9a.m.-1p.m Sun: Closed

HER2 overexpression promotes the transcriptional upregulation of hypoxia metagenes and HIF target genes in hypoxia. a Three hypoxic gene signatures (top: Winter et al. (2007), middle: Buffa et al. (2010), bottom: Toustrup et al. (2011)) reported to show genes commonly altered by hypoxia were assessed in microarray gene expression data of MCF7 and MCF7-HER2 cultured in normoxia, acute hypoxia or chronic hypoxia. In general, MCF7-HER2 showed a stronger induction of a large proportion of genes upregulated in acute and chronic hypoxia (red clusters), with no equivalent seen for MCF7 cells. In addition, the larger signatures contained clusters which appeared to be downregulated by hypoxia in MCF7. These were constitutively lower in MCF7-HER2 (blue clusters), suggesting an increased hypoxic response in terms of both upregulated and downregulated genes. Finally, a small cluster in the largest signature (green) showed no hypoxic response, but these genes were still constitutively higher in MCF7-HER2. b Hierarchical clustering of HIF target genes (as determined from combined gene lists of two references Mole et al. 2009 and Schӧdel et al. 2011 who used ChIP in MCF7 to identify HIF-1 and HIF-2 target genes) was used to assess the hypoxic upregulation of HIF target genes in MCF7 and MCF7-HER2 in acute hypoxia. A large proportion of HIF targets were either constitutively higher in MCF7-HER2 (green), more strongly induced in hypoxia in MCF7-HER2 (red), or downregulated in hypoxia whilst being constitutively low in MCF7-HER2 (blue). Beside this, a small proportion behaved similarly between cell lines (pink) or were more strongly induced in MCF7 (black)

We performed hierarchical clustering analysis on a set of HIF-1 and HIF-2 target genes previously identified through ChIP in MCF7 cells (Fig. 4b) [17, 18]. These genes demonstrated similar clustering to the hypoxic signatures (Fig. 4a), with a large number of genes showing increased upregulation by acute hypoxia in the HER2-overexpressing cell line when compared to wild-type MCF7 cells (red clusters). Additionally, a large number of HIF target genes were expressed to a higher degree in normoxia in MCF7-HER2 (green clusters). The differences seen in these cell lines demonstrate an enhanced transcriptional response to hypoxia driven by HER2 overexpression. This was seen both for general hypoxia gene signatures as well as for genes shown to be HIF-1 or HIF-2 targets in MCF7 cells. These HER2-mediated transcriptional changes appear to include sets of genes whose expression in hypoxia is modulated by HER2 as well as a number of hypoxia or HIF target genes which are constitutively increased by HER2 in the presence of high oxygen concentrations. The modulation of hypoxic response genes by HER2 overexpression may therefore have important consequences for tumour progression both in the context of tumour hypoxia as well as in well-perfused tumour regions.

The M-1097 modification initial and subsequent Low Velocity Airdrop and Sling Load capability scheduled through March 2018 is needed to provide an enhanced Tactical Mobility interim solution for the 82nd Airborne Division Joint Forcible Entry Operations.

During the test, Soldiers participate in rigging the M-1097 Modification for airdrop from a U.S. Air Force C-17 aircraft on Sicily Drop Zone here, followed by recovery procedures to make sure the system was fully operational after airdrop insertion.

The M-1097 Modification will provide Soldiers and their leaders an air-droppable, sling-loadable, light tactical vehicle that can carry a nine-man squad. It has a turret-mounted crew serve weapon stop gap capability until the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is fielded.

Don Rodenbaugh Aquatics Center: 214.509.4770Allen Community Ice Rink: 972.912.1097Joe Farmer Recreation Center: 214.509.4750Allen Senior Recreation Center: 214.509.4820Weather/Field Conditions Hotline: 469.214.4255Allen Parks & Recreation After-Hours Phone Line: 214.509.4723


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